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You Bein’ You, God, And That Means I’m Loved

Being a firm nonbeliever in coincidence, I can’t ignore this.  Over the last four days I have felt entirely overwhelmed with evidence from every direction that God is LOVE, and the Great I Am loves me. God does these things, sometimes in the middle of foggywearywhelmness to let me know “I’m still here for you, Dear Daughter…over here… turn to me…I love you…” It feels as if from a distance and then, I can’t help but look and realize it’s You. You are here, being You.  And that means I’m loved.

Friday, a small cry of sadness I didn’t really mean to expose leaped to a friend’s heart and she came over to sit in the sun and drink coffee with me.  Her generosity with her time in the middle of her own sadness, and busy life, was truly God, reaching out, saying YouAreLoved. I’m loved by our Great Comforter God through the heart of her.

Saturday, flowers from Hubs, to honor my role as mother, a gentle reminder that in spite of the failure of my humanness, God intervened and gave me the great privilege of being Mom to people whom I adore, who are extraordinary, who teach me just by their presence on earth that  I’m loved by Creator God each and every day (even as they stomp off to their rooms!)

Sunday, a song about Good Father God, who is WhoHeIs and that means I’m loved.  He’s perfect. Undeniable Love. Unexplainable Peace. Calling me to Him. To deeper love. He loves me and I am loved.  That’s Who I Am. The music touched my heart deeply, even for the few minutes I was in the sanctuary before joining our kids in kids’ church. My heart LONGS for that feeling to stay forever.  The undeniable feeling that I’m loved by Him for no other reason than

He is God. He is Good. He is Love.

Yesterday another, a “Come to Jesus” meeting with a friend and colleague, concerned over my well being.  How much love do you feel when someone takes the time to say “we need to talk” and calls you out. truth in love, on who you are and whether or not you believe in the middle of all your work for the Good God, that indeed, God is good to you? Ah, that kind of Love, from Holy God who is Perfect in His Wisdom, and gives that wisdom to someone here  on earth to pass on because I just wasn’t listening right now.

And today, the second bookend of friendship to match the first.  Time with longtime friends who know more of my story that I care to sometimes know they know.  Yet they do. They know me, and give me a glimpse into the All-Knowing God who would be willing to talk it out with me if I’d just let go and let Him fill me up with Him. And His Love.

No coincidence. God is Good. I Am Loved. Thanks Be to God.

Now, to remember this passed hitting post.

Be sweet, friends.

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