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This is the story of how I got to Canada. My first step was, when answering a call to ministry, I said “ok God, I’ll do that, just don’t send me to California” (please don’t be offended, it was a long way from home).

I left my great job, cute little house and beloved faith community who were like family to me, and a fulfilling ministry with some great people, moved and went to Seminary. I’m in my last year and guess what? I wanted to plant churches, and well, the only place that really seemed to be a good fit for me, with a great ministry team and work that would support my ministry goals was… you guessed it… in California. So as I’m dropping to my knees in prayer to work through an offer to interview there, I also prayed, “Ok God. I’ll go to California. That’s fine. Just don’t send me to another country”.

A girl should not pray that way. It wasn’t long before this eternally single girl started dating the most handsome fellow ever, who happened to be from… Canada.

So it’s prayer that brought me here… misplaced prayer I think, but God said “yeah, you get what I give you, and I will make it all right”. And He Did. And He Has.

This is my 21st #CanadaDay living in this beautiful place. Though I do get terribly homesick at times for my home country, I’ve never regretted the decision to turn my face North, a course that led me to a loving husband, the best in-laws a girl could ask for, the most unique of families, and a place not only to call home as well, but to serve God as He decides.

Thank God for prayers answered in unexpected ways and paths that lead to things we never imagined we wanted or needed.

God keep our land, Glorious and free. #OhCanada we stand on guard for thee!
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