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Jax, Bocci Ball and Playing with God

At camp this last week, we were all walking down to the river for another afternoon of looking for minnows and skipping rocks.  On the way, Jax found many places to run in and out of the bushes, kind of a hide and seek.

He ran in at one point and emerged 10 seconds later grinning and I asked (as I did often in this game), “Jax, where were you?  I thought you were lost??”  And he said, “Oh Momma, I went to heaven.”

And I said, “Really?  What did you do there?”

Jax grinned and said, “I played Bocci Ball with God.”

Jax went on to say how God was really good and could throw the ball far.

I said, “Well, God is all-powerful, you know.”

To which Josiah responded, “Yeah, and I threw it just as far! We tied Mom!”

I kind of grinned and asked him, “How is that possible?” to which he responded, “Because God gave some of His power to me.”

I’m bursting… I hope this child hangs onto the promise of God that His power is always available to those who believe in Him.  I hope we all can….

“Nothing is impossible with God…”

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