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I don’t want #another life. I want this one. I have a good life. 🌸 If I cry when I talk about things it doesn’t mean I’m not happy. There’s just things worth crying over you know? 🌸

And when I worry too much about this or that, and that I’ll always be that one person still searching for #peacethatsurpassesallunderstanding because of all the curveballs life has thrown my way, just listen. I’m working it out as my #overthinkitmuch brain processes it all. 🌸

But never think I want #another life because I’m good living this one – working it out day by day with a God who never tires of my tears and worries and all the #casting on him the cares of my world. 🌸

I live by hopelessly hoping that the this or that of my life will make sense and matter knowing full well that I live in the power of #theresurrection every day and even when I’m struggling, when I don’t understand, God is still there. He’s working it all together and I can trust him with #thisgoodlife So I worry. I cry. I rant. I trust. I hope. And that all plus a lot of other things makes this life good. #writingprompt #amwriting #writersofig #writersofinstagram #writing #amiawriteryet #fmfwrites @fiveminutefriday 🌸 🌸

This post is part of the weekly Five Minute Friday link-up!) Go there and join the fun! (I’m trying to be more fun.)

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