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Five Minute Friday: PEOPLE

I miss #mypeople Oh I have lots of amazing people here too but if you’ve ever lived away from family you actually enjoy being around, you’ll understand how it’s possible to be #homesick even when your been away for a couple decades. ❤️

It happens every #4thofjuly Its one holiday that’s full of so many memories…

Wheat Harvest is over on the farm so there’s big suppers on the patio with neighbors and cousins


Foot races with Grandpa G. on the road south of the house


Dressing up as a kid for the bicentennial, decorating my bike and parading around the square by the Mingo church.


Later it was #fireworks with friends at #gofourth in Topeka. Including camping out on Angie and Nicks lawn thankful they were in married housing on campus so we had good seats


Another time getting totally drenched with the youth group and a few parents after we ran home in a torrential downpour.


Yes I miss my people and my home country and I’m so thankful that to God for landing me in the family and place he did.


And this #independenceday I’m saying prayers for my people and home. We’re going through a lot. We have a lot to learn, of growing up to do. We have to get this right. We do.

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