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A little #infertility twitterverse

You never know what people are going through unless you listen.

This morning, I’m really just  minding my own business, drinking my secondcuppa while checking Twitter for morning news.  It’s a favorite thing to do on a day of rest. I see #infertility trending and clicked, curious. If you aren’t on Twitter, topics are highlighted when there’s lots of people talking about it.  Apparently,  Today’s Parent Magazine turned their focus on the struggles families have with #infertility and I didn’t want to see it. But then I did and ended up tweeting the bare bones of the story to my family. There’s lots more to the story of course, but this is it. 

And in true twitterstyle, the story starts at the bottom. Scroll down, and there you go. 

I did it. I told the bare bones of my #infertility story. Now, I need a #nap. #andagoodcry

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in fighting battle. Hold your head up high. Don’t give up. Be practical. HOPE. #infertility

#infertility caused this pastor to ?? faith. I missed out on partnering w/ my creative God by not giving birth.

#infertility has caused me to grow in compassion for others. You never know wht ppl are going thru unless you listen.

I’m not over #infertility. I live w/ effects of it every day in my body & spirit. Physical pain contd. So does #depression.

But #adoption doesn’t solve #infertility. It only addresses the desire to be a #parent.

BabyBoy came 2yrs later. #adoption We love them to pieces, & their first families are in our lives.

Our #parenting dream came true 12 yrs ago, aft I turned 36. Her 1st Mom chose us & life has never been same. #infertiliy

Hoops & hope of #waitingtoadopt was welcome distraction fr pain & depression of #infertility. We felt like we were mving fwd

FTR there’s no such thing as #justadopt. So stop saying it. #adoption isn’t for every1, & not for faint of heart. #infertiliy

We also worked with a private agency focused on #openadoption. As we learned more, this became our #hope. #infertility

We applied to #adopt thru children’s services. #ohthehoops For all the kids waiting, the system is slow. #infertility

We ruled out #ivf early due to geography, finances, ethics & my health. We were exhausted. But not crushed. #infertility

When I dx w/ #stage4endo, docs sd it wld be tough road. We looked at other options for building our family. #infertility

We kept #ttc but no baby came. My health deteriorated. As did my spirit. We worked hard, living life best we cld. #infertiliy

Our first child is named #JamieNoel. She holds honor of middle stone on my family ring. She is still missed. #infertility

One cruelty of #infertility is living it in front of God & everybody. We tried to pastor our precious parish too. #infertiliy

#infertility helped me grasp that there are lessons always to be learned by walking a different journey. @Todaysparent

Looking back, it was thn that #depression settled in. I’m still #livingwithit & fighting, 14 years later. #infertility

3 days after babe was #borntoheaven, Hubs & I led Christmas Eve Worship. Life? goes on I guess? I wish we hadn’t. #infertility

A few short wks later, right before Christmas, ultrasound showed our miracle babe wasn’t viable. I had surgery. #infertility

Nurse sd, “don’t worry, this happens. You’ll get a chance”. This is another cruelty. No one can see the hurt. #infertility @Todaysparent

Lu.pron to rest body 4mo, thn meds to augment #fertility gave us greatest hope… a #pregnancy. We were ecstatic! #infertility

One cruelty of #infertility is living it in front of God & everybody. We tried to pastor our precious parish too. #infertility

Surgery finally gave dx. Stage 4 #endometriosis. At least we knew wht we faced. It gave us #hope. #infertility

Surgery wait shortened by tests tht required r/o of cancer. That moment was scarier thn fertility questions. #infertility

Test. Referral. Wait. Test. Referral. Wait. Finally decided to hv exploratory surgery. My pain levels also issue. #infertility

We weren’t young, so planned kids ASAP. A year later, we started to wonder if there was something going on. #infertility

Miracles happen & I met Hubs whl studying. We got married w/ #renewedhope of #parenting blissfully unaware. #infertility

Soul searching & single life led me to surrender #motherhood dream by late 20’s, at an altar, headed to Seminary. #infertility

I lived w/ cyclical pain since my tweens, but was told it’s normal. Had 1st surgery in mid 20’s. No dx. #infertility

In mid-20s I declared myself infertile by singlehood. Decided I would #justadopt if I didn’t have kids by 35. #infertility

I went to college, chose my career with flexibility toward #mothering in mind. I dated with the same mindset. #infertiliy

I was brought up in home whr #mothering was art, & calling. All my memories are of wanting to be a #mom, first. #infertility

My first memory of wanting to be a #mom is at 3 years old when I thought God brought a little sister just for me at Christmas. #infertility

I see you #infertility trend. Not sure I want to jump in or not. Do I have the energy to talk about it? #astrongerme

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