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Shimmer: A Benediction

Written for Transfiguration Sunday, based on Mark 9:2-9

If you’re tired of this crazy, messed-up world, the confusion, the worry, the fear…

If you just want to get away, to experience something ~ anything ~ other than uncertainty, upheaval, disquiet

If you feel like you’ve had too few chances to experience the glory of God on the mountaintop, call this to mind…

Jesus came as Light to the World to the shepherds in the fields and saints in the synagogue.

That Light drew the scholars to worship, that same Light a jealous authoritarian wanted to kill.

That Light, whose power was revealed to Satan in the wilderness and whose Sonship was exposed to the witnesses on the shore at His baptism.

That Light, the One who healed and blessed and forgave and fed, who taught and showed a different kind of King and Kingdom...

That Shimmering Light trekked up the mountain with weary friends to show them Himself.

That same Dazzling Presence experienced in the clouds, that Light, that Shimmering Light illuminates today, in the middle of our broken-down collective, in our cracked-up lives, in every single human heart.

And that means YOUR heart ~ no matter how worn-out, muddled, sad, angry, terrified, numb, #wearywhelmed ...

that Shimmering Light is for you.

He is the Light whose Glory sparkled up there in the clouds, and days later, He entered a city triumphantly, turned over tables in disgust, shared a meal with His friends, prayed, cried out “take this from me, God!” then unjustly convicted, beaten, humiliated, He carried His cross in obedience to the will of His Father and died.

Do you hear me? That Shimmering Light was quenched but even the darkness of death and the grave could not hold the Light… that Light, that Shimmering Light found standing in a garden, comforting His friend “Woman, why are you crying?

And His grave sat empty.

Here today, is that same Victorious-over-death Light, holding out His hand to hike with you, to the clouds of His Great Revealing, to offer hope while walking this world that doesn’t make sense.

Here today, is hope for God’s not done letting His Light shine.
God’s not done, no matter the dark world.
God’s not done, no matter how overwhelmed with grief and fear we might be
God’s not done. His Light shines.

So. Hear God saying, “this is My Son whom I love. Listen to Him!”

The Shimmering Son of God speaks, and we listen:
Pray and do not lose heart.
Love God with all of you.
Love your neighbor too.
And your enemy.
Tell others about The Light, so that they may be healed.
Feed the hungry.
Walk with the lonely.
In humility, be a peacemaker, full of mercy and kindness.
Lead by following The Light, giving up your own way, taking up your cross, losing your life so that you might make known with His disciples “for what we proclaim is not ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves His Servants to reflect His Light to those around us.”

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.
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