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Six Word Memoir

When I heard about the Six Word Memoir meme, and saw some truly inspiring people write theirs…

I thought for a minute and it was simple to me…

Take what comes. And be grateful.

So noble of me, huh? Optimistic. Yeah. But then I couldn’t press post. It’s been sitting in my drafts for a month now. Could not press post. Because that would mean I would have to mean it. Do I really mean it?

I want to mean it. I want this to be my life, my memoir, what I am remembered for. But the truth is, just like the idea behind the six word memoir speaks to, well, it’s true, my life is not quite what I was planning.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve said it here once (or a bazillion time)… I am one very blessed woman. I know it. I am living the blessing. A Hubby who loves me. Two amazing children. Good health, relative speaking, if I don’t talk about chronic pain. I have a beautiful (in the middle of major renovations) home. I have a hard fought faith that sustains me. I have friends. And hope. Lots of hope. Yeah…I’m blessed.

But there are days when the “being grateful” for what is has cost, for the loss and heartache on the journey is overwhelming. There are days that I shake my fist at God (yeah, still! Can you believe it?) for friends and family who suffer, and yes for me too, when I’m hit by something that I thought would never trigger my grief but it does all the same, because I just can’t believe that he’d allow “this” curve ball, now. There are days…

But then…

there are moments…

  1. Puddle jumping with my kids, his little boots flooding with ice cold water and he needs Momma to rescue him, her hands discovering that water and ice are just different forms of the same thing

  2. A sunny day even when it’s cold outside

  3. An afternoon to write and think and rest and be

  4. Friendships that outlast my grumpiness (aren’t those rare?)

  5. The unconditional love of my sister and parents

  6. A girl’s snuggly self crawling into bed to snooze a while longer

  7. A boy’s head-thrown-back laugh at jokes he couldn’t begin to understand

  8. Hubby’s loving arms surrounding me as I sob (and so many other times too)

  9. And on

  10. And on

  11. And on

Yeah, there are moments that I am counting on outlasting some of the hard things. And so now I will press post. And say…

This is my six-word memoir.

Take what comes. And be grateful.

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