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For the Love of Kitties

Emme is the epitome of animal lovers.  Every day, the request lingers in her mind and on her tongue, “Momma, when can we get a dog?”  That’s really what she wants.  And truly, I want that for her too.  Someday.

Early last week, we spent hours in the garden, and she found a moth.  She put it in her bug carrier, brought it into the house and proceeded to name “her” Mothie.  She fed it.  Cheered her pet on as she adapted to her new surroundings.  Called her by her name.  Loved her.  And the next day proclaimed, “I think I’ll let Mothie go.  This is no life for her.”

Yes, she loves.

My perfect moment this weekend?

At the farm.

To the barn looking for my animal loving Emme.

Finding her, laying in the hay, long hair spread wide, surrounded by oh say, a dozen??  kitties.  Loving.  Cooing.  Cuddling.  Naming.  Playing.

She is in heaven.  And so am I.

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