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Don’t give up HOPE, #MissHope

Life. Is. Messy.

There.  I said it.  If I had my way, I would live in a perfectly clean house with beds made every day, the to do list completed for that day before I go to bed, and kids who only knew how to say “oh yes mommy, I’d love to do my chores without you asking” and “oh mommy, how can I help your day be better?” as they go about their day, joyfully sharing in each other’s lives and never raising their voices and always being helpful. It would also be great if Hubs could make a lot more money and be home for supper every single night on time, please, and thank you.

In other words, if I had my way I’d be living in a fantasyland.  Most of us have dreams like these on certain days, especially after many crazy busy days in a row where you can’t remember the last time you swept the floor.  Or cleaned the toilet. Or woke up rested. Or felt adequate for all that lay ahead.

Unrealistic expectations get me every time.  When you’re a #hopelesshoper, you get disappointed a lot because you can imagine how good it could be, and then life gets messy in the middle of it all, and it’s not what you thought it would be, how you imagined it, even if it’s the reality of life.

I don’t want to lower my expectations though.  I want what is best ~ God’s best ~ for my family. and all those I love.  I’ve tried to stop dreaming and hoping but that’s when the chronic depression that creeps around in the background moves to the driver’s seat.  I’ve learned that lesson.  I’ve learned not to stop hoping and I learned it the hard way.

All that said, life can get pretty messy here.  Probably for us all.  Here in the middle, between the promise of Jesus to return and bring His Kingdom fully to earth, to the time we actually get to live in that Kingdom, and in the presence of Jesus physically and wonderfully… in this messy middle between the now and the not yet, in this time, that is where we live.

And we can’t give up hope.  Don’t give up hope, MissHope, when this life is messy.  Don’t give up hope when you have the ministry job you’ve always wanted but it’s overwhelming you with work and responsibility and the needs of the people.  Don’t give up hope when you’re living the dream of mothering your two babies turned tween and nearlytween and they are wonderful handfuls of spirit and opinion and grouchy and delight and snuggly and standoffish.  Don’t give up hope when your chronic pain and exhaustion limit your ability to complete that to do list, and that means resting in Him instead.

Don’t give up Hope, #MissHope.  Life is messy in the middle.  He’s coming for you.  Hang on. Be obedient. Pray. Seek His Face. Rest in Him.

And so ends the peptalk.  Be blessed.

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. -Psalms 27:14

Picture from Brene Brown’s CourageWorks.

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